What to do if your Lexmark printer is not working?

You are living in that world where online and offline works have their own precious value. No doubt technology and tool has developed a lot in recent year and people are taking advantages from it. You are rapidly going at online mode but along with this you also do paperwork for many works.

So, all the paper printed things surrounds you which are printed with the help of printer. Many organizations use their self printer because of their most valuable document. The entire industrialist prefer Lexmark printer because of its performance and design. You can print lots of pages in few minutes with same high resolute printing quality from first to last page.

It is the only printer’s company which is awarded by many organizations (BLI) as “Line of the Year”. Its intuitive and productive design is the best affectionate thing for public. Lexmark support is the additional feature through which you can ask any query or doubt related this print machine.

If you are already the users of this device and facing any problem at the time of printing or you get blank printing then you need to chase some measures carefully:

  • You can try up with different possibilities.
  • You can change the port in which cable inserted before.
  • Also try with checking some configuration.
  • Ensure that your printer is set as default printer.
  • First you have to go for search tab and type “Control Panel” here.
  • In the new window you need to search for “Hardware and Printers”, click on it.
  • Then click on printer under all option.
  • Here you can see your print machine status.
  • Is it set as “Default” or “online”.
  • Also check that, the page is not stuck in your device.
  • It may be the issue of spoolers.

Check all the above given measure for your system if you find one then fix it by certain processing. If you get confused in any steps then you can try for Lexmark printer support number 1-855-687-3777,

it is a team well-trained experts. So make yourself hassle free from any doubts, do contact Lexmark support Canada.

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